Human perceives the world with 5 senses i.e. Touch, sight, taste, smell and hearing Where as the senses used to perceive that , which is beyond perception is known as the sixth sense. This combination of five perceivable senses and sixth sense inspires the Philosophy of six senses with the best known methods. Also the design of the logo of Six Senses is inspired of the 5 and the 6th sense.

The logo in which you can see 5 representing the 5 basic senses and the tail goes upwards and curves to make it a six to represent the sixth sense.

With Samskara’s we treat individuals and groups at psychology and Para psychology. Six senses organises varied tours to treat sense of sight by showing you beauty, culture, heritage and the soul of India.

We organise classical Panchkarma with the Morden flavour to keep your health, hygiene And happiness with the highest quality of treatments and adapt therapist under the worthy guidance of our Ayurvedic experts.

In this we cleanse & detox individuals to refill and recharge them with reinvented youth & vigour, the sense catered is smell. Under the yogaveda sixsenses creates and effortless confluence of the most ancient sciences of health wellness and wellbeing.

Through Yoga & Ayurveda techniques we create an environment where one understands health, healing wellbeing and diet with a more refined perspective. We make it a point that they adopt these ancient life styles which have been aptly modified to suite modern words rigour, the sense catered is taste.

Ayurveda and yoga are the streams where we give you health healing and life style with the senses taste.

In six senses solitude Spa we provide best of the therapies to alleviate stress, hyper tension, insomnia and aches and pains arising from busy modern life style and relax rejuvenate refresh and recharge individuals.

Astrology prepares you for the future with the sense of hearing.

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